Thanks for working with me, I wish you a relaxing 2022!

Thanks for working with me, I wish you a relaxing 2022!

After reviewing 2021 for Building on Events, I can only be gratefull, new opportunities came, I continued to work with long term clients and suppliers. I made my TV debute, had a lot of media attention, was visable. Of course most of the knowledge sharing was online, but it is proved to have advantages as well. I hope to work with you and to have more live meetings also in 2022.

Projects in 2021:

28 January: Online Netwerkborrel North Sea Farmers
10 February: Grassa! Webinar for LNV
26 February: Filmproduction day “Zo kan het ook“, Bunnik
8-10 February: Online Trade & Investment Promotion Course
15-17 February: Online In-Company Experiences (TIP12)
7 April: Maxiwebinar
15 April: Algae for Cooking webinar
7 May: Production Technologies for algae, including harvesting
10-12 May: YAS: Young Algaeneers Symposium
25 May: Open calls for EU Programmes
1 June: The use of algae biomass in cosmetics
10 June: Grasdag in Deventer
17 June: Grasdag in Appelscha
17 June: Novel proteins and applications from algae biomass
1-2 July: Seaweed Valorization in Europe
8 July: Toxic Algae Blooms
22 July: Algae for Aquafeed
14-15 September: European Chlorella Conference 2021
23 September: Biorefineries for algae biomass
16 September: Maisdag in Oostrum
1-8 October: Nederlandse Dansdagen
14 October: High value products from microalgae
11 November: IPH yearly event in Jaarbeurs Utrecht
22-24 November: Online Trade & Investment Promotion Course (TIP13)
29-30 November: Online In-Company Experiences
24 November: Oncologie in Perspectief, AVL, Amsterdam

All year event: Fietsen voor mijn eten Kromme Rijnstreek

Events in 2022:

A serie of 15 EABA Algae and Seaweed workshops, online and hybrid 

  • EABA 200 Members – Achievements Webinar (big party)
  • Algae standardization status and prospects
  • Algae and yeast fermentation for production scale-up
  • Algae and FAO: the Codex Alimentarius
  • Products unique to algae: new frontiers
  • Algae for cosmetics and cosmeceuticals: the added value applications
  • Algae based carbon offsets for CO2 mitigation: Hybrid – co organized with DG Climate – Brussels
  • Algae and EU: the new Algae Intitiative – Hybrid – co-corganized with Systemic and Submariner – Brussels
  • Algae Novel Foods: new entries in the Food Catalog – Hybrid –Brussels
  • YAS – Young Algeneeners Symposium: Hybrid

60 minute webinars

  • Astaxanthin & Haematococcus
  • DHA, EPA & Algae oil
  • Polysacharides & Porphyridium
  • Beta-glucans & Euglena 
  • Phycocyanin from algae
  • Fucoxanthin & Phaeodactylum

14-16 February: Online Trade & Investment Promotion Course (TIP14)
21-22 February: Online In-Company Experiences
14-18 March: Chirurgenweek, AVL, Amsterdam
16-21 April: RelaxInSpain week, Bernissa, Spain
13 May: 20e Mammasymposium en farewell symposium prof. Emiel Rutgers “WHATS NEW, DOC?”, EYE, Amsterdam
9 June: Symposium Oncologie in Perspectief, Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam

All year event: Fietsen voor mijn eten Kromme Rijnstreek

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